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The Wigpreneur University is a 6 - week program that equips beauty entrepreneurs with all the tools they need to learn how to construct "Wigs From Scratch" and begin tapping into this 4 Billion Dollar Industry. There is more than enough  for entrepreneurs at all stages in business. to start making money. Whether you are  new to wig making and a professional hairstylist, I will help you get to the next level with your wig making, coloring skills and business knowledge.

It's time to #LiveBeyondTheChair and create the career of your dreams!

I do this by inserting you into my Wigpreneur success ecosystem and success roadmap where you have access to my private vault1, exclusive support community, and 1:1 group coachith me.


      1:1 MENTORSHIP

What is the Wigpreneur University?

A letter from Jacque  


I was once you, and I know the feeling of wanting more out of life but not knowing how to and where to start. You see,  I'am a self-taught hairstylist and started this journey at the age of 17.  See, I come from a very small island in the Bahamas, and as the oldest of five it was always my responsibility to style my younger sisters hair which grew into a passion of mine – my purpose (Hair & Business). Hair and business is all I know and I literally started my journey in my linen closet that I used a makeshift salon area in my home. This was the proudest moment of my life and I never knew that journey would lead me here today.

After graduating college with a degree in Criminal Justice, I still felt unfulfilled because I knew, hair and business.... was my real passion. The following month, I decided to enroll in Cosmetology School to obtain my license in 2011. What inspired me to build my brand was the desire to improve my quality of life and to gain financial freedom. I decided I wanted more out of my career and after graduating beauty school, I decided to move to Atlanta in 2013. I knew there was more out there for me, and shortly after... my journey started as a Wigpreneur. I literally started over and buldt my business from the ground up!

I opened my very first salon in a city I was not from and barely knew anyone... and in 2 years, I build my business to a 6 Figure Wig Making business. I couldn't believe that this girl from a small island in The Bahamas was able to achieve that.

My message to you is that, the secret to getting ahead is getting started. Know that you can start late, look different, be uncertain and still succeed and I'am living proof of that. You and I are more alike than we are different, and if I can do it so can you! I believe that you have what it takes and I believe that you can make a difference and begin this new journey.

I hope to meet you in the program, be sure to introduce yourself. I would love to hear all about you. 

You can apply by clicking the link below.


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You asked, whats next...

Schedule a FREE Strategy Call... This will be a 30 minutes call with me. Once you complete the form, you will receive an email with all of the details. Please select a time where you can provide 100% of your attention. During this session, I will find out a little more about you, give you valuable insights about your business, discuss with you how our program works, and what you are most struggling with. If you decide, that you are ready to become a Wigpreneur, you'll be moving on to our next step, which is enrolling in The Wigpreneur University: Wigs From Scratch 101. This is not a course, you're literally joining a sisterhood and community with other individuals with the same goal in mind!

Make Your Passion, Your Paycheck!

Ready to take the plunge...

There's no better investment, than in yourself! Welcome & Congratulations! Making a commitment to grow your skills and go to the next level is the key! I was was where you once was, and I created The Wigpreneur University, Pretty to provide beauty pros and inspiring beauty pros business with a program that helps them create financial freedom and a new skill set that they can use, anywhere in the world!, Why should you trust me? I built a 6 Figure business in under 2 years and have been in the Hair Industry now for 20 years and I'am also a Master Cosmetologist. 

Now my passion is to guide beginners and other beauty professionals  on how to do the same.

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